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Vacation+kids+mustaches = Awesome Summer

This post started as an idea to look back at what a great summer we had in Northeast PA. I think I can safely say summer has passed now that we have had what feels like 9 weeks of constant rain. Once I started going through photos, it just turned into another excuse to post photos of my stinkin’ adorable kids –  specifically from our trip to Wildwood about a month ago.

We stayed in a hotel room with my sister-in-law and her future husband (can’t wait for the New Year’s wedding!) and my mother- and father-in-law. To some people this might not seem like a vacation. But it was great. We were on vacation with built in babysitters! I kinda felt bad for everyone else since Steph and I were the ones who brought the crazy kids. Well, the vacation was a blast, and we have some great memories and photos to prove it.

And thanks to the Frogger game for enough tickets to get us some fake mustaches. If there was a career in just taking pictures of kids wearing fake mustaches, I’m pretty sure I could live a very happy life doing that. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE TO OTHER PARENTS: Make the mustache a little less sticky before you press it onto a three-year-old. The whole rip-it-right-off-like-a-band-aid technique didn’t seem to work too well when Eliza looked at me like I just punched her in the face! Anyway, on to the pics.

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