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Wild Cub | Scranton photographers

Just a few minutes ago, I was at the Times Building in Scranton shooting the band Wild Cub. I did it just for fun and to get a few photos for the paper. They were in the auditorium as part of an ongoing concert series that Fuzz 92.1 does. The shows have great Q&As with the band, followed by an acoustic session.

I decided because there wasn’t a whole lot on the line in taking the photos I would play around a little. Sometimes I feel like I don’t experiment enough with my camera. On most jobs – like weddings – there is an awful lot on the line and you don’t want to miss anything while you’re screwing around with camera settings seeing what will happen if you turn this button WAY over here.  But experimenting is vital to what we do. It’s how we better and push ourselves. The trick – at least how I see it – is to give it a shot in a safe place and then learn to apply when the stakes are much higher. Hopefully it will pay off and your photos will get better and better and your clients will be happier and happier.

So here’s the shot I got tonight. It’s not perfect but it has me thinking about how it can be applied in other things that we do.


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