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Alexia on top of the world

I remember when all the kids in school were talking about it. Some said they were Irish, other Italian, some Polish. They all made it seem like it was a big deal. Honestly, I didn’t know why. When asked what I was I think I said “American.” Hilarity ensued. I still don’t think that was  a bad answer. Anyway, when I got home, I asked my mom what I was. After some explaining, she said we were Welsh with some other stuff mixed in. OK, good by me.

I don’t remember any mention of being part billy goat but clearly it’s in there somewhere because our latest shoot for Alexia, a gorgeous college senior, took us to the top of a mountain at the Delaware Water Gap National Park. Granted, it took awhile to get there and my thighs and still begging for mercy but it was totally worth it. The view alone was spectacular. Pair it with Alexia and it was a match made in heaven – literally it was that high up.

Anyway, here are some pics from the day. Enjoy.

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