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And now our long-awaited Top 10 list

A week or so ago, I promised Bob and I would put together a Top 10 list of the most-important things we have learned since starting Two Sticks Studios. It’s a combination of photography, business and life lessons with some other randomness thrown in for good measure. Also, I say it’s a top 10 list but because I haven’t really started writing it yet so¬† it may be longer or shorter. We’ll see in the end I guess.

Here we go!

10. No two jobs are the same. No matter how many shoots we do – portrait, wedding, etc. – something will always come as a surprise. It’s ridiculous that I’m still surprised by that.

9. The photography business is a business. To be able to do the 20% of the job that we love, we need to do the 80% of the stuff that is not so fun.

8. Bridezillas are harder to find than Bigfoot. Haven’t had one yet despite warnings from plenty of other photographers. Either we are the luckiest people in the world or something else is going on. Couldn’t be customer service, right?

7. Along the same lines as No. 8. It’s way better to have friends than clients.

6. One drink equals better photos. Ten drinks equals trouble.

5. There are more than two sticks. We have loving and supporting wives and families who help make this possible. THANK YOU!

4. We get to see places we never would have otherwise … from an airport in Sterling to Ponce, Puerto Rico.

3. You can never bring enough light with you. Period!

2. We will never stop learning and improving – the point at which you think you are good enough is the point at which you should quit.

1. I’ve learned that getting blog posts done on time is a lot harder than it looks.

How about that? Ten on the nose. Hmmmm.

A nice little trip to Puerto Rico


If your clients are just clients that's a chance you missed to add friends


A photography business is a lot more business than it is photography



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