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The faces of my Christmas tree

I gotta be honest, I used to look at decorating our Christmas tree as a hassle. And this comes from a guy who loves Christmas. I mean I LOVE Christmas. I don’t think department stores can put out Christmas displays too early. I don’t understand why Christmas in July is not an actual holiday – like a warmup to the big show. Getting presents is the greatest thing ever. I think the people who say giving is better than receiving have never really gotten a great gift. Giving is fine and all but, HELLO, opening presents is sweeeet.

Anyway, back to the tree thing. I’ve turned a corner on decorating. I’m not crazy about lugging the ornaments, lights and everything else out of the attic. I’m not wild about balancing the tree and all that. But the decorating, I’m seeing in a new light. I’ve found that if I take my time, look for the perfect place for an ornament, never rush and drink enough Rolling Rock, it’s a damned good time. I’m also really enjoying grabbing some photos after the decorations are done. This year, my 3-year-old and I were sitting on the floor checking out some ornaments when she said, “Daddy, why Goofy looking at you.”  I said,” Sweetie, she’s not. Mommy is upstairs.” Turns out she was talking about an ornament.

With that, this year’s tree photos were off. My daughter would point out the ornaments she wanted photographed and I’d take them. It didn’t take long to shoot them – a few minutes. She’d yell, “Daddy, this one.” Click and repeat. Then we’d look at the photos in the camera and she’d giggle her head off. We had so much fun. Those little moments with her might be the best Christmas present I get this year. That DOES NOT mean the rest of you are off the hook though. I want to open some stuff on Christmas morning!



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