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Caleigh and Mario wedding at POSH | Scranton wedding photographers

Every once in a while a client pulls either Bob or I aside and has something important to say to us.  I honestly kind of hold my breath when they do because I swear I must have screwed something up or they saw me sneak a shrimp from one of the hors d’oeuvres trays. (To all past clients, I’ve never done this. Bob totally has.) Either way it tends to be an anxious moment no matter how well the day has gone.

So when Mario pulled me by the arm and looked me dead in the eyes near the end of his reception, I stopped breathing.

Mario: “I want to tell you something.”

Me: “Oh hey Mario, I swear I would never have eaten that shrimp if I didn’t think I was going to pass out from hunger. My glucose was low. Did I mention I love shrimp. I think I’m gonna blackout now.”

Mario: “I just wanted to tell you guys how nice it was to work with you. You have a great way of never making photos awkward or uncomfortable.”

In fairness, most of this conversation never happened. Well the last part about not being awkward did, although this is certainly not a direct quote. Mario was far more generous and sophisticated in his delivery. But the message was there and I immediately told Bob about it. This might be the highest compliment we can get. If you’ve read any of our posts you’ll know we believe in photography. We believe in its power, its beauty and its ability to not only survive but thrive because we love the images of our lives!

But as strongly as we believe in its power, we also know who we are. We are wedding and family photographers. We are not war correspondents. We are not newspaper photographers, documenting fires and crimes. We capture love. We shoot celebrations.  We absolutely want our clients to walk away from us not only in love with their images but the feeling that they were glad we were a part of their day.

So I doubt Mario knows how nice it was to hear that, but what he said in a lot of ways encapsulates what Bob and I want to accomplish every time we reach into our bags to pull out a camera.

But enough about us. There are photos from Caleigh and Mario’s wedding to get to, and yes we love them! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day and getting to share it with you and your families!



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