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Cassie and Matt engagement | Scranton wedding photographers

First off, I’d like to start by saying all of the magic you are about to see was not only my idea but I also did all of the work.

Now that we have that complete fabrication out of the way, I’ll explain what the hell I’m talking about.

Our friends Cassie and Matt had a great idea for a Save the Date card and wanted us to shoot the photo to match their vision. No problemo.  One Save the Date photo coming up.


“That’s a really big date with really big numbers. Double ummmm.”

In fact the date was so big it wasn’t stable enough for them to hold it the way they wanted. They wanted it to look like balloons were carrying away the date.  LOVE THE IDEA. OK, so we needed a way to make it work. Fortunately we did the photo in their soon-to-be backyard right behind the house they are building. So we walked over and grabbed a 2 by 4 and attached it to the sign. Now it looks like it’s floating away – except I’m in the photo holding the piece of wood to support the sign. That is gonna be an issue.

But fortunately I was smart enough to partner with a Photoshop ninja in Bob. Again, little credit for all of this should go to Bob even though he did every bit of the work – ya know except for holding the sign.

So how was it done? Well first, you need a shot without the sign and without Cassie and Matt so you have a clean background. Next you bring  us all into the frame and get us in the right spot and fire away. The real trick here is being able to eliminate the unwanted things in post-production – namely me and the 2 by 4. It’s not easy. You really need to know your way around a flux capacitor and some other Photoshop filters and whatnots.

But in the end, we love the finished Save the Dates. we think they met Cassie and Matt’s vision and it’s great to be able to overcome some stuff during a shoot to produce something you can be proud of.

And Bob should be pretty proud of this one.




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