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Dawn and Zach wedding: Getting ready

I couldn’t believe when I showed up at Dawn’s house two hours before the ceremony and she was already in her dress. “I will be on time for my wedding,” she exclaimed. It’s pretty unusual for the bride to be completely ready to go by the time I arrive. It meant no photos of the dress hanging or putting on the dress or makeup, etc. What it did allow for was the perfect photo opportunity when we heard the Mr. Softee music getting louder and louder as the ice cream truck made its way through the neighborhood.

When Dawn saw the truck┬árounding the corner from her living room, she took off out the door to flag it down. The driver of the ice cream truck was so excited to see the bride that she forgot to put the truck in park, almost taking out the mother of the bride! Luckily she hopped back in the driver’s seat and put it in park before going back to the window to give Dawn her Jolly Rancher popsicle.

What seems like it came straight out of a sitcom wouldn’t have happened if Dawn wasn’t so determined to be on time for her wedding. I think Dawn would take this moment over some photos of her dress on a hanger any day.

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