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Emily | 2014 senior video

You guys know we like to mess around with video a little. We love to do it at weddings for sure, but we have our friends Cinema Sugar Films who primarily do it now (You should like them on Facebook). But we still do some for our senior sessions. Not full blown video really, just snippets that we combine with some of the stills to make something that is cool to watch and share with friends.

We did photos for Emily a couple of weeks ago. She was such a great young lady to work with. I’m convinced the key to really good senior sessions is the right attitude. Have a little fun with it and it shows in the photos and in this case the photos and video.  Well Emily did that and we couldn’t be happier with the photos and how the video clip came together. So take a minute and watch it. We think it adds a whole new dimension to senior photos. As a friend of our’s said not too long ago, “Where were you guys when the photographer was having me peek through a couple of trees.”  We promise, no peeking through trees, but we do promise a new way of doing senior photos and always finding new ways for you to enjoy them and share them with friends and family.


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