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Emily and Jordan Scranton wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

It’s always nice to do photos for family. OK, the Scritchfield clan isn’t exactly family – like by blood – although they might as well be. We have done senior photos for them, baby photos for them and up until last week a wedding. Make that two weddings now. I think that’s the thing about this business. I’ve heard some business adages before about how to engender loyalty in your customers in all forms of business. It always sounds so contrived and silly and like a business ploy. Because the reality is in our business you get to know your clients really, really well. You share special and huge moments with them and you create memories. You get close and you care and love them and share in their happiness and sometimes in their sadness.

Nowhere in our years of doing this is that more apparent than with the Scritchfield family. They’re closer than friends and have been hugely supportive of Bob and I as we have grown our business, and that’s probably not something we tell them enough. I guess a lot of us never tell the people we care about the most how much they mean to us. Thank you, guys!

Before I get derailed too much you might be wondering about the second wedding. It is Emily and Jordan’s beautiful wedding at Elm Park United Methodist Church in Scranton. It was an amazing day, full of laughs and stories and love. Thank you for inviting us yet again to be a part of it.



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