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Peter’s one-year-old portraits | Scranton portrait photographers

It was a few years ago that Bob had his “one good idea.” He claims there have been others, but I don’t remember them and when pressed neither can he. Although in fairness it might have been his suggestion that we each purchase black sneakers that we can wear on wedding days rather than dress shoes. That has been a gift from God.

But that’s getting off track. Bob came to me with the idea he called, “Clients for Life.” Here’s how it works. If you book Bob and I to shoot your wedding, you become “Clients for Life.” That means you can come back to us once a year forever for any type of photos, whether they are family portraits, pet portraits, whatever and we waive any session fee associated with the shoot.

My reaction, which Bob smartly ignored, was “Who the hell is gonna come back and see us?” Not one of my finer moments because as it turns out just about everyone comes back to see us for one reason or another. The most popular, not surprisingly, is when our couples start a family. They want some shots of the little one.  If I were to be honest, it might be the best idea we have ever implemented in our studio because he really cherish the friendships we build with our clients and it’s a total bonus to us as well because we get to see them again and catch up. So write this day down. “BOB, THIS WAS A BRILLIANT IDEA.”

OK before he gets too excited let’s move on to the reason for this post. we wanted to share some photos of Annette and Darren’s one-year-old, Peter. We did newborn photos of him and just finished yup doing his one-year photos. We love how they turned out and love even more watching him grow up. It’s just an amazing thing to watch our couples go from newlyweds to parents.

So enjoy the photos and know we enjoy taking them every bit as much as our clients enjoy seeing them.



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