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Greatest website opener in the history of mankind? | Scranton wedding photographers

Yeah I know, we’ve been on a roll with website updates, but I promise we are almost done and this one is totally worth it. A couple of years ago, Bob and I did what we thought was a pretty cool opener for the site with a few photos of us and a little photoshop magic. Well, welcome to the next level. We spent last weekend in the studio toiling away (goofing off) and taking photos of each other for a new opening. We absolutely love it. We feel like potential clients should get a feel for what we are like, and we hope this captures us. Our thanks to Jacob Mariano Photography for the inspiration for this idea.

No animals were hurt in the making of this opener. However, Bob pulled a hamstring, and I might never recover from Bob kicking the crap out of me. Thanks, partner!

Scranton wedding photographers being goofy

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