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Have we learned anything?

OK, so I just noticed that our last blog post was our 200th post. If I had noticed sooner, I would have thrown a party. Two-hundred, wow! So I went back and started looking through some of the stuff we have written about. There were a lot of posts about couples and their engagements photos, plenty about¬† reception venues and churches. There is even one about a misspelling on a sign leading the the men’s restroom in a college town in central Pennsylvania.

There are posts about the latest gear that Bob and I couldn’t stop from buying. By the way, photography equipment is like a drug – once you start, it is extremely hard to stop.¬† We have even reviewed some photography apps on our phones. I especially like the panoramic one. I still use it once in awhile. My favorite post might have been the one I did just a day or two after having my tonsils out. I thought it was hysterical when I was writing it. I later found out it barely made any sense at all. Here’s to our friend Percocet!

So within the next week, we are going to do something a little different. To celebrate our 200th post, Bob and I are going to reflect a little on what we have learned about photography and the business side of it in the past three years. I’m pretty sure we can come up with a top 10 list. If not, God help us because we have not been paying attention. Maybe there will even be prizes but I doubt it.

So stay tuned!

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