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Jenn and Joe wedding at The Colonnade | Scranton wedding photographers

Anyone who has read this blog before knows we love the Colonnade! It’s a truly unique space and in a lot of ways a photographer’s dream. There are all kinds of nooks and crannies and places to find great photos. Now we have shot there plenty of times but for various reasons have not been able to take advantage of a giant mirror that sits in a downstairs hallway. Every time I walk past it I kind of drool, thinking there are some great photos that could use that mirror!

Well, we finally had our shot at Jenn and Joe’s wedding. Bob and I mentioned before we like to get one final photo at the end of the night for our couples. Well, it was mirror time. I think we probably saw it as a black and white image as we were imagining it so that’s how we have it here. I just love the mood of the images, the reflection and the light. This was the photo I was thinking about every time i walked past it. For the record, we used just one handheld light off to the side.

These end of the night photos- which I love – just don’t happen, though. So I wanted to say a special thank you to the stars of the show, Jenn and Joe. They ¬†are just a dream to work with and always listen to our sometimes crazy ideas. They are up for anything and that’s such a an amazing attitude. Thankfully, their story with us doesn’t end at the wedding. We are so excited to be taking Jenn in her bridal dress out this weekend for another shoot. We can’t wait to share more photos!


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