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Jennifer and Andy Radisson wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

I guess I can’t really call him a wedding crasher. I mean he was dressed nicely, with a good suit. He didn’t really cause any problems. The sneakers were a little bit of a weird thing. The blue fur was definitely odd, but I like odd so that was OK, too. And hell, he could dance! Welcome to Jennifer and Andy’s wedding, Champ! The Scranton/Wilkes-Barres Railriders‘ lovable mascot dropped in for a dance with the bride and groom and pretty much everyone else over the weekend at the Radisson. It was awesome! I’ve been doing this long enough to know that when a seven-foot -tall pile of blue fur hits the floor, the party is about to get real.

This dude can work a room. Champ cut it up for awhile with Jennifer and Andy . He posed for some selfies. (Apparently mascots like selfies too.) He danced with all of the kids. It was such a cool moment in a day filled with them. Here are a few shots of Champ bringing the party to a whole new level!


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