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Jolene and Jeff getting ready | Scranton wedding photographers

We started telling you guys about Jolene and Jeff earlier in the week by working backward from the reception. Well, we are getting back on track here again and taking you to the beginning of their day.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Jolene in the salon the morning of her wedding. Pay attention here brides. These are photos you want. Trust me. Remember, your wedding day is a big effin’ deal. There was a ton of time spent planning all the details and getting ready. Wouldn’t you want just a few shots of you hanging out with the ladies while you are relaxed? We hate to see anyone not have photos from all parts of their day.

So while I was hanging with the girls, Bob was over with Jeff and the guys grabbing a few photos. You’ll notice in the photos of the guys they are all in their tuxes. In the shots of the girls – not so much. That’s the way it goes almost every time. Guys take a few minutes to throw a tux on and away they go. For the girls – in most cases – the preparation is more of an event with a trip to the salon, maybe a little champagne (yeah I’m talking to Jolene and the girls) and putting on the dress. The tradition of it is nice, and I can’t even explain how much I’ve learned hanging out with the girls in the salon. Let’s just say it’s more than I would ever need to know! Maybe that’s for another post. On to the pics.


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