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Katy and Francisco wedding at Radisson | Scranton wedding photographers

Hey all, we wanted to share some photos from a wedding we shot this past weekend, two days after Christmas. It was for friends Katy and Cisco at the Radisson in Scranton and it was a great time. It was also surreal. I mean, when do you get to stroll outside to do some photos in December around here when people aren’t shivering. But it wouldn’t have mattered if it was minus 10. This was going to be a celebration no matter what. I understand the reasoning of most couples to get married in the spring and summer. It makes sense. Warmer weather kind of makes everything a little easier. I also watch those couples struggle with booking venues, matching dates with the church and, yes, finding a photographer who is not already booked.

Enter the winter wedding. Take your pick of where you want to get married, take your pick of pretty much everything and maybe even get it a little cheaper because it’s not peak season. If you’re getting married in a church, you can check flowers off your to-do list, because poinsettias are already there. What about snow? So what? A fresh blanket of snow is amazing in photos. If you are lucky enough to have snow on your wedding day, it’s almost magical.¬†¬†Anyway, what struck me as I was starting to edit Katy and Cisco’s wedding was how perfectly the day went … in the dead of winter. And it had me wondering why more couples don’t pick winter weddings. Heck, you even get to leave the cold and go honeymoon somewhere warm!

So instead of photos of one part of the wedding, I just grabbed some that I liked from the whole day. We hope you enjoy them.


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