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Delivery day at the studio | Scranton wedding photographers

I feel like I talk a lot about how much I love this gig. And I’m pretty sure I’ve devoted blog posts to the emotions that come with shooting weddings and what a rush that can be. And I’ve probably touched on the perks of the job, like getting to be a part of very private moments and having the privilege to be the one who captures it. I could probably go on and on, but I was reminded the other night of why we do it.

You see, Jenn and Joe, a couple whose engagement, bridal shoot  and wedding we handled earlier this year, stopped by the studio to pick up their canvases and album. (More on the album later) This is the moment it pays off. Seeing their reaction as their canvases were unveiled and their eyes widening and smiles spreading across their face is the pinnacle to me. It’s like watching the emotions of the wedding come back for a visit. We love the photos they picked for their walls. One is a bridal portrait of Jenn walking through the trees and the other was a portrait of them on their wedding day taken at the University of Scranton. They’re also 32 by 48 inches. It’s really touching when clients treat our photos as art and choose to display them in their homes. It’s not really something we take for granted. It means a lot.

The album is one of my favorites. The images are toned to give them a timeless feel and each page is home to just one photo. We like it enough that we wanted to show you the whole thing and how it came together. In the end it was 38 pages and a mix of Jenn’s bridal session and the wedding day. So enjoy.

And a big thank you to our friends Jenn and Joe who gave us another memory and another reason to love this job.


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