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Lauren and Alex wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Sometimes I wonder if people can still surprise me. I wonder if the couples we meet and photograph can still surprise me. Keep in mind, no matter what you do as a bride or groom, there is some stress that goes into pulling off a wedding. (Of course, having DPNAK helps  – a lot) And more often than not, there can be a little stress on the wedding day, too.

My point is that Bob and I are often in the unique position of meeting new couples and then before long seeing them put under stress and seeing how they react to that stress. Almost all of them handle it with remarkable grace. It would be easy enough to end the story there. We have great clients and are better people for knowing them. Done.

But then something will happen and you learn a little more – a tiny window opens that show you there is a whole  level to your new friends that you get to see. And it might be the best part of this job.

Shortly after Lauren and Alex’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to send her a thank you email. We exchanged a few times and finally I had to tell her that I thought the speeches at the reception from her sister, Alex’s brother and a couple of groomsmen were genuinely remarkable. All of them spoke with such passion and at times tears about how open and loving and supportive Lauren and Alex were to them in good times and maybe more importantly in tough times. It can be hard to keep taking photos when you listen to people put their hearts on the line and share with a couple hundred people what impact two people have had on their lives.  I’ve heard countless really good toasts and speeches at weddings but the love that surrounded Lauren and Alex was special, and it allowed all of us a unique glimpse into the impact two people can have on the lives of countless others. Even I was surprised and feel very blessed to be a part of it.

Thank you, Lauren and Alex, for inviting us to be a part of it.

Here are some photos of their day.


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