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Lisa and Matthew movie theater engagement | Scranton wedding photographers

Hey all, we wanted to post a couple photos from an engagement shoot we did last week and it got me thinking about something Bob and I tell our friends and clients.

“Beautiful photos can be done anywhere. But we are doing photos of you. Why don’t we do them in a place that is special to you?”

It’s an important message we especially want our couples to hear. A gorgeous sunset on top of a mountain can be great and a wonderful image,  but if you’ve never cared much for the mountains or never been there, what is the point? That one message has led us to so many wonderful places. We’ve gone to the beach; we’ve gone to beautiful restaurants and the biggest cities in the northeast. We’ve gone to a castle built in a backyard, family properties and places you probably never even knew existed. Why? Because the place matters. It holds something special to our couples. Maybe they met there. Maybe it was their first date or it’s what they like to do together.

And we hear thank you time and again for traveling or going out of the way to do the photos. That’s really nice but we really believe those HAVE to be the photos. We think those are the only places we should do the photos.

And that brings me to Lisa and Matthew. We met Lisa last year at another wedding. She was one of the beautiful bridesmaids in Megan and Michael’s wedding at the Scranton Cultural Center. Here’s a link to those photos.

Lisa asked us if we would be willing to photograph their Connecticut wedding. Um, absolutely, Lisa! We love road trips!!!

But she wanted to do the engagement photos around here and told me that she and Matthew love going to the movies. Well that did it.

“Let’s do the photos in a movie theater!”

And that started a flurry of emails to our new friends at Regal Cinemas in Dickson City who could not have been more accommodating in finding us time and space to do the photos that Lisa and Matthew wanted.

So here are a few images from the shoot, inside Theater No. 1. The light you see in the background is a flash we set up to mimic a projector flashing on the screen. The popcorn being tossed at us is very, very real.








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