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My little girl is growing up and my baby boy is on the way

So, for those of you who don’t know, my wife Stephanie and I are expecting our second (and final) baby in May. We were thrilled when we found out we are having a baby boy because we will get to experience the joys of having both a boy and a girl. Plus, between Steph, Eliza and Mucha (the dog), there would have been a ridiculous imbalance in the estrogen to testosterone ratio in the house if we had another girl.

Anyway, since the new baby is on the way, I started Eliza’s move from the big bedroom, where we need the room for the changing table, rocker, etc., to the small bedroom a couple months ago. The nursery will now have to change from pink to blue, and I will need to paint over the mural I created for Eliza before she was born:


Since life is so busy and none of us ever have enough time, I planned on keeping Eliza’s new room simple. Maybe just paint one wall a different color than the others or a simple stripe – something fast. Then we found her bedding set. It was an owl theme and it was awesome.

There was no way I could call myself an artist and not give my little girl anything short of an awesome bedroom. So I thought it would be cool if her room actually became the forest full of owls and birds and squirrels. After about a month of painting a little here and a little there, this is the result:

She was pretty happy!


I just started painting the nursery last weekend. I’m not sure what I’ll come up with, but I know it needs to be awesome…



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