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Our latest (and greatest) album | Scranton wedding photographers

Ahhhh, wedding albums. The result of all the shooting, all the planning, all the design. I actually really enjoy designing our albums for our clients. I don’t love it as much as shooting mind you, but I love it nonetheless. It’s just another chance for storytelling. While every photo tells a bit of the story, being able to bring that story together in an album is a different level all together. It brings the range of emotions into one place and it’s typically a very emotional experience for our clients once they start going through their album and reliving all the little moments that made up their first day together as a married couple.

We also made some tweaks to our designs. Just like the days of 5 by 7 photos tucked behind contact paper are long gone, so is the style of our previous albums. In reality, the change is not nearly that dramatic.

Bob and I are now designing our albums in a way that better marries storytelling and impact. We are playing the best images larger and giving others room to breathe. We think the changes make for even better and more timeless albums. Our latest is from Danielle and Keith at the Colonnade. We loved their wedding and now we love their album. Here’s a link to the full album.

And here are a few of their 24″ wide spreads.


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