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Scranton at night | Scranton wedding and portrait photographers

So what are couple of wedding photographers to do in the off-season? What are we to do when the weather finally breaks? What are we going to do to shake things up?

How about a nighttime stroll through the city with our cameras? Sounds good to me.

So Bob and I headed out the other night to grab some photos of whatever we saw. We only had about a half hour, but we wanted to spark some creativity and get ourselves back in the habit of looking at everything and anything critically to see if we could turn even the mundane into decent photos. One rule – no flash, just crank up the ISO and see what exposures we can get in the dark.  Below is what we got. Some are decent, some maybe not, but the exercise of shooting was important. The idea of just looking around  and noticing and being aware of your environment may be the most important skill a photographer has. And if the winter months dulled that a little, now was a great time to break it and get rolling again.


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