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Susanna and Dan wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Do it Yourself has become so much of our lives hasn’t it? There are TV networks dedicated to it, and everyone always has a DIY project they are working on. I think it’s great, but weddings are a different scene altogether. Sure it always feels good to do something for yourself. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and those little things hold a more special place in our hearts because we put the thought and the sweat into them. Weddings go to a whole new level. The do-it-yourself details at weddings open up your family and friends to the things that are important to you. I love when couples take the time to think about those things – they always add a special feel to any wedding and say so much about the couple.

Susanna and Dan had plenty at their backyard reception. It was such a beautiful and thoughtful affair. From the family photos on the giant tree to the handmade pennants under the tent, to the mismatched chairs at the tables. They all provided this remarkable closeness with everyone there that I find it hard to explain but I know it speaks to who they are and how much love surrounded their day.

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