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Susanna and Dan Vintage DIY Wedding | Wilkes-Barre wedding photographers

It turns out some of the lessons from my youth stuck with me. I remember the promenade, the do-si-do, the allemande and how to swing my partner. Like calculus, I had no idea if it would come in handy again. But thanks to the wonderful, and now-married, Susanna and Dan I got a refresher course over the weekend. They had such a unique wedding! Along with all sorts of beautiful and handmade touches that made up a huge part of their wedding, they had a band – and a caller – and square dancing. It was amazing! Apparently something happens between the time you go to gym class in middle school and when we become adults. Square dancing becomes an awfully good time. Everyone who was out on the dance floor was having some of the most fun I have ever seen people have at a wedding. It was a stroke of genius and fit so well into Susanna and Dan’s day.

These photos have a little different look. We thought a vintage touch might be nice just for a little fun.

So nicely done guys. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of such a unique day!




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