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The magic of a family photo | Scranton portrait photographers

I’m always going to believe in the magic of a photo. It could be the simplest photo. It could be taken with professional gear. It could be taken with a phone. There’s a reason we have hundreds of them on our phones. There’s a reason they hang in our homes. It’s just the reason is different for everyone.

There’s also a reason I called Vanessa Sabo and told her to come to our studio with her family. She needed a family portrait. Maybe she knew that, maybe she didn’t. But she was getting one either way.

Vanessa is Elijah’s mom and Elijah is pretty sick and now living in New York City under the care of Sloan-Kettering, a renowned hospital specializing in cancer. So we invited Vanessa, Elijah, and his dad and brother and sister to visit the studio to get some photos done. To us photos can help heal a little. Maybe we invited them to heal us a little. I honestly don’t know, but I believe in the power of photos.

So last week, the Sabos came to our studio – an average family full of remarkable people and dealing with a problem we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. There they were standing under the lights, smiling, laughing, teasing each other and cajoling the kids to behave for just one photo. Just an average family facing a mountain.

I sent Vanessa the photos yesterday at Sloan. She said she cried. I didn’t tell her I cried too.

Try telling Vanessa there isn’t a little magic in even the simplest photo.




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