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Thinking about senior photos

Believe it or not, it’s that time again. It seems weird to even think about scheduling senior photos already but sure enough here we are about to start spring and juniors need to start giving some thought to getting their portraits done. That way there’s no worry about finding time to do it once school starts. You’re not getting emails from the head of the yearbook committee, saying  “Where’s you senior photo?”

But getting them one in the spring or summer gives you another huge opportunity. It gives you a chance to do it a little different. You always have the option of heading to a studio for a “head shot” or maybe against a white backdrop. It’s fine.  Or you could spend an hour or two at your favorite places. Want to head to a park? Cool. How about the track at your high school? Fine. Maybe the hockey rink is your thing.

The point is there are options for your senior photos. Granted, a lot of your classmates will head to the studio. But you do have a chance for more. The chance for photos that capture you. The chance for your friends to look at your photos and say, “I so wish that’s what I did.”

Give us a call. We’ll help you to get senior photos that you’ll love forever.



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