Every once in a while a client pulls either Bob or I aside and has something important to say to us.  I honestly kind of hold my breath when they do because I swear I must have screwed something up or they saw me sneak a shrimp from one of the hors d’oeuvres trays. (To all past clients, I’ve never done this. Bob totally has.) Either way it tends to be an anxious moment no matter how well the day has gone.

So when Mario pulled me by the arm and looked me dead in the eyes near the end of his reception, I stopped breathing.

Mario: “I want to tell you something.”

Me: “Oh hey Mario, I swear I would never have eaten that shrimp if I didn’t think I was going to pass out from hunger. My glucose was low. Did I mention I love shrimp. I think I’m gonna blackout now.”

Mario: “I just wanted to tell you guys how nice it was to work with you. You have a great way of never making photos awkward or uncomfortable.”

In fairness, most of this conversation never happened. Well the last part about not being awkward did, although this is certainly not a direct quote. Mario was far more generous and sophisticated in his delivery. But the message was there and I immediately told Bob about it. This might be the highest compliment we can get. If you’ve read any of our posts you’ll know we believe in photography. We believe in its power, its beauty and its ability to not only survive but thrive because we love the images of our lives!

But as strongly as we believe in its power, we also know who we are. We are wedding and family photographers. We are not war correspondents. We are not newspaper photographers, documenting fires and crimes. We capture love. We shoot celebrations.  We absolutely want our clients to walk away from us not only in love with their images but the feeling that they were glad we were a part of their day.

So I doubt Mario knows how nice it was to hear that, but what he said in a lot of ways encapsulates what Bob and I want to accomplish every time we reach into our bags to pull out a camera.

But enough about us. There are photos from Caleigh and Mario’s wedding to get to, and yes we love them! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your day and getting to share it with you and your families!



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Full disclosure time. I was really looking forward to this engagement session. Then I was NOT looking forward to this engagement session. Now this is one of my favorite engagement sessions! How did it all happen, you wonder?

It seems simple enough. Jen and Josh are our new clients/friends and they are an amazing couple. They love each other so much  – and just as important  – they seem to really love life and squeeze so much enjoyment from every day. It’s hard not to love people who live that way. So we were all going to go to Promised Land State Park for a stroll and to do their photos. It was really the perfect place.  Then Jen and Josh had to do the one thing every dog owner dreads. They unexpectedly had to put their dog, Abby, down just a day before the shoot. Abby was supposed to come on the shoot with us. For anyone who has ever been down this road, you know the pain.

It was a hard decision for Jen and Josh, but they decided to do the shoot anyway. I give them all the credit. I’m not sure I could have. I think in some ways the giant laughs you’ll see in the photos are hiding some tears. After the shoot, Jen and Josh did an amazing thing. They sent Bob and I a card that I still have on my desk. It stays in a spot I can see it.  It talks about how Bob and I gave them a place to heal during a difficult time.  It’s such an amazing gift to get a card like that. It also got me thinking. As much as I’d love to take credit for those wonderful things, it really comes down to the quality of the people in the photos. Jen and Josh, you took an awful time for you guys and not only persevered but you found space for you guys to heal and love each other and be together. Bob and I were just there with cameras. We learned a lot that day from our new friends. Thank you.



Our journey with Steve and Michelle has gone through Scranton, to New Jersey to outside of Bethlehem. Along the way we have crossed streams, hiked miles through the woods, shared restaurant recommendations and been bitten by ticks. We’ve also developed a friendship and even managed to squeeze in a wedding. I wouldn’t trade a moment of it … well maybe the tick bite Michelle got – sorry!

Anyway all of it culminated at their Woodstone Country Club wedding surrounded by friends and family. What an amazing time! We spent the entire day at Woodstone, getting ready, doing their first look, the ceremony and then the giant party afterward. It would be hard to imagine a cooler day. We even had a chance to do some portraits in the bridal suite after the first look. It was such a unique day and it’s not one Bob and I will soon forget. Thanks to Michelle and Steve for making it so special and for inviting us along for the ride.

Oh, I almost forgot Michelle. I was thinking of you the other night when after a shoot I got home and had to pull a tick out of my leg. We’re like tick buddies now, too!


I think it’s time to catch up a little on our blog posts. The last couple of months have been crazy with weddings and engagements and seniors and everything else you can imagine. In other words, it’s the best time of year, except blog posts have suffered a little. Well it’s time to put an end to that with Michele and Kelvin. If you ever meet a couple that smiles and laughs more often than these two I’d like to meet them. We just love them and their day was incredible. Id’ like to narrow it down to a couple of highlights, but jeez, I’m not really sure that’s all that easy to do, but the butterfly release after the ceremony was absolutely one of them.  Either way, it’s probably just easier to let the photos tell the story better than I can anyway.



A couple of weeks ago Bob and I did some engagement photos for our new friends Sarah and Scott.  And we did them at a familiar location – Lake Scranton. To me it’s always a challenge to do photos  at a place so recognizable. I think there is a real danger of being colored by other work you have seen there. Because let’s face it, Lake Scranton is a place where a lot of photos are done. But that’s also the challenge, and one we love. It’s a blast to go to a place you know and find different ways to see it, to find different spots off the beaten path and to produce images that are really different from ones you’ve seen before. It also doesn’t hurt when your couple is willing to do a little bushwhacking to get off the beaten path.

And Sarah and Scott were up for anything and everything. So we spent a couple of hours, bouncing around the paths  – some that were there – and some that we created. We think we found some cool stuff and with Sarah and Scott and their enthusiasm it was a great day at the lake. But it also didn’t end there. We then headed down to Steamtown around sunset  – and a little past sunset  – to take a crack at some photos there. Their photos are some of my favorites. It was great hanging out with our new friends and some familiar places laughing and creating some photos we hope they love.

Enjoy. And thank you for reading.