It’s always nice to do photos for family. OK, the Scritchfield clan isn’t exactly family – like by blood – although they might as well be. We have done senior photos for them, baby photos for them and up until last week a wedding. Make that two weddings now. I think that’s the thing about this business. I’ve heard some business adages before about how to engender loyalty in your customers in all forms of business. It always sounds so contrived and silly and like a business ploy. Because the reality is in our business you get to know your clients really, really well. You share special and huge moments with them and you create memories. You get close and you care and love them and share in their happiness and sometimes in their sadness.

Nowhere in our years of doing this is that more apparent than with the Scritchfield family. They’re closer than friends and have been hugely supportive of Bob and I as we have grown our business, and that’s probably not something we tell them enough. I guess a lot of us never tell the people we care about the most how much they mean to us. Thank you, guys!

Before I get derailed too much you might be wondering about the second wedding. It is Emily and Jordan’s beautiful wedding at Elm Park United Methodist Church in Scranton. It was an amazing day, full of laughs and stories and love. Thank you for inviting us yet again to be a part of it.



When I first sat down with Nicole to talk about her wedding, she kind of offhandedly mentioned that her husband-to-be was a firefighter and it was possible there would be a firetruck at the reception, and if there was, could we do a few photos? Um, yeah! Honestly, I didn’t think a while lot about it until a few days before the wedding when we chatted again. It would be cool to have a firetruck to work with. It makes for a nice background and is definitely not something you get to work with every day.

But really, I didn’t expect a whole lot. I expected to grab a few shots  really quickly before they headed into the reception. And maybe that’s what would have happened until Nicole said, “I’m am SOOOOOOO getting in the bucket on that thing.” Again, OK, that will be fun, thinking the bucket would stay on the ground.

Then everything changed as she and her husband Curt hopped in the bucket and started going up and up and up. There were a lot of great memories from the day, but if I tried to tell you that was not the highlight I’d totally be lying. It was so friggin’ cool. Thanks to Nicole and Curt for inviting us to be a part of their day and for giving us some great memories.






It’s hard to say what I loved most about Carolyn and Ryan’s wedding. It could have been the staggeringly beautiful outdoor ceremony at Woodloch. It certainly might have been the first look they did behind the house where Ryan was getting ready and where the party continued late into the night. They were such great moments. But for me, it was probably the small stuff, like Ryan’s reaction when he first saw Carolyn or the really touching speech from Carolyn’s dad before dinner. It could have just been the closeness of the whole day that was filled with love from friends and family – many of whom we knew from Mia and Ryan’s wedding. We were just the lucky ones to be there to capture it – thanks Carolyn and Ryan! Oh yeah, it also helps when the whole day runs smoothly thanks to DPNAK!



Most of our clients are new friends. They are couples we are building relationships with that we hope will last for years. And that’s usually the case. I wasn’t sure when we started this business that we would be around seven years later let alone have an ever growing group that we are lucky enough to count as friends.

But occasionally we get the chance to shoot a wedding for people we have known well before they decided to get hitched. And that’s Chris and Amanda. Both Bob and I have known Chris for a long time. We all grew up in the newspaper world. When I first started at The Scranton Times, Chris was one of the first people I met. He was doing some sports writing out in Wayne County and I was the Carbondale Bureau Chief, charged with covering Wayne County for a couple weeks until a vacancy there got filled. It’s safe to say we got along pretty well right from the start.

And Amanda is no stranger to Two Sticks either. We’ve done some family portraits of her and her siblings already. She’s absolutely terrific. Chris was told several times he was overreaching in trying to date Amanda. But lo and behold here they are, married and surrounded by terrific families and friends.

The whole day at Stone Bridge was really amazing. It wasn’t a huge wedding, rather a really warm gathering of those closest to Chris and Amanda.  And it was filled with really touching moments, maybe none more than the speeches that Carmen and Natalie, the best man and maid of honor, delivered. There were a lot of tears and even more laughs, but those speeches seemed to encapsulate the whole day. So a huge thank you to Chris and Amanda for inviting us to be a part of it. In fact, I’m not even sure they did. We might have just said, “Hey, we are shooting your wedding.” Jeez, now I really hope they like their photos because it seems we may have just invited ourselves.




I probably spend more time in salons than most guys you know. In fact, I can guarantee it. Except for the guys who like to have a professional do the manscaping, you can find me in a salon just about every weekend hanging out with the ladies. And why not? It’s a great place to grab some photos as the bridal party is getting ready for the big day. This past weekend I was in Heaven and Earth Salon and Spa in Pottsville with Brittany and her girls. What a tight group of family and friends. They had a blast chit chatting and telling stories and just hanging out with Brittany as she got ready.

I try to always advocate for heading to the salon on a wedding day if at all possible. It’s kind of the last chance to just hang out and relax before things get really ramped up. It also gets everyone accustomed to a camera snapping all day. But I also love the moments that come from shooting in a salon. There are always a ton of smiles and laughs and well, strictly from a photo persepective, the light is usually great. Ask any salon owner and they will tell you they need great light. Total bonus for me!

This morning was also an unofficial record setter. Yeah, we were a little late getting back to the house to get the dress on and get to the church, but Brittany and her girls rallied like I have never seen. By the time I got my camera bag out of the car, the girls were dressed and ready to roll. It was like Superman in a phone booth. As it was explained to me later, most of the girls grew up in dance, so fast wardrobe changes are not really an issue. Well done ladies!

As always, thank you to Brittany and Michael for inviting us to be a part of their day. It was spectacular, and we are really grateful for being able to get to know them and their family and friends. It’s such a loving and warm group. we will post more photos soon but here’s a warm up.



Hey all, we wanted to post a couple photos from an engagement shoot we did last week and it got me thinking about something Bob and I tell our friends and clients.

“Beautiful photos can be done anywhere. But we are doing photos of you. Why don’t we do them in a place that is special to you?”

It’s an important message we especially want our couples to hear. A gorgeous sunset on top of a mountain can be great and a wonderful image,  but if you’ve never cared much for the mountains or never been there, what is the point? That one message has led us to so many wonderful places. We’ve gone to the beach; we’ve gone to beautiful restaurants and the biggest cities in the northeast. We’ve gone to a castle built in a backyard, family properties and places you probably never even knew existed. Why? Because the place matters. It holds something special to our couples. Maybe they met there. Maybe it was their first date or it’s what they like to do together.

And we hear thank you time and again for traveling or going out of the way to do the photos. That’s really nice but we really believe those HAVE to be the photos. We think those are the only places we should do the photos.

And that brings me to Lisa and Matthew. We met Lisa last year at another wedding. She was one of the beautiful bridesmaids in Megan and Michael’s wedding at the Scranton Cultural Center. Here’s a link to those photos.

Lisa asked us if we would be willing to photograph their Connecticut wedding. Um, absolutely, Lisa! We love road trips!!!

But she wanted to do the engagement photos around here and told me that she and Matthew love going to the movies. Well that did it.

“Let’s do the photos in a movie theater!”

And that started a flurry of emails to our new friends at Regal Cinemas in Dickson City who could not have been more accommodating in finding us time and space to do the photos that Lisa and Matthew wanted.

So here are a few images from the shoot, inside Theater No. 1. The light you see in the background is a flash we set up to mimic a projector flashing on the screen. The popcorn being tossed at us is very, very real.