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I’m starting to think every engagement session should be some kind of mix between walking around city streets and also through the woods. I just love the feel of the collection of images when they are done. I guess it’s not something that is always possible but when you are in a place like Philly for a full day, it’s absolutely the way to go. In the fall, we spent some time with Christa and John down in Philly – they live down there – walking around some parks and then hopping around the downtown. There is no better way to hang out in a city than by just walking around. I love that I’m cruising down the street and all of a sudden, “Hey, here’s Betsy Ross’ house.” or “Here is the oldest street in the city.” I’m a total geek that way.

Alright, so you probably didn’t come here to hear about the stuff I saw in Philly. So here is a collection of photos from Christa and John’s day. Holy cow, how do you not love these two? We had such a laid back and fun day with them. And Christa’s family has been so very very good to Bob and I. We absolutely can’t wait to see everyone again at the wedding!



I have to say the Volkswagen buses had nothing to do with Bob and I being booked for Marissa and Mike’s wedding. However, had I known Mike likes to buy and restore them I definitely would have considered some type of trade of services. Who needs money when you have a VW bus? It’s my absolute dream car! And yeah I know that will seem awfully weird to most people. In fact, maybe I’ll take  a second to mention this. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO TRADE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES FOR A VW BUS, CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, with that out of the way, let’s get back to our great couple Marissa and Mike. We had a blast at their wedding. From the morning and the getting ready photos all the way through the reception at Irem Country Club. We had a bunch of laughs and even managed to dodge a pretty good thunderstorm that cleared just in time for some bridal party photos. I will say that shower dropped the temperature about 20 degrees. It got cold!

And Mike And Marissa did something we love and recommend to all of our clients. They spent a little time with just the two of them at the end of the reception dancing one more time to their first dance song. It’s such a nice way to put a capper on a beautiful day. Well done, guys.




It was on the ride home after Brad and Nick’s wedding at the Barn at Hidden Acres that I turned to Bob and said, “That might be the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding.” Now, seriously, that is saying something because I am no stranger to having a good time. And Bob and I have been to some seriously fun weddings. We’ve been to weddings that will be talked about for generations. We’ve seen some things that will be retold in stories at family parties for years. We’ve seen some things that will never be talked about again because sometimes what happens at a wedding stays at a wedding.  But, damn, those are some fun moments!

But Brad and Nick’s was just a little different and it hit the right tone right off the bat. Just as a primer, the ceremony included references to The Golden Girls and zombies and there was even some Rock, Paper, Scissors. Not exactly stuff you see at your average ceremony. From there it really got fun but mostly because Brad and Nick love each other and they love to laugh with each other. And it’s obvious from their friends’ reaction to their vows and the party that followed, they are a perfect match and everyone knows it!

We can’t thank them enough for inviting us to be a part of it. It was an honor to be able to photograph their vows and a bigger honor to know them as friends.


You might have a hard time finding two people with easier smiles than Kristin and Paul. From the first time we met them at POSH for an initial meeting about their wedding, they were so likable and easy to get along with. Bob and I are just thrilled that we are shooting their wedding. But first things first, there were some engagement photos to do.  We split the day between some downtown shooting and some stuff at Lake Scranton. As is often the case, Bob and I threw each other and Kristin and Paul some curveballs during the day.

Every now and again, Bob and I like to  stress the hell out of each other. So we developed something called the “Two-minute challenge.” Here’s the quick gist of it. At any point during a shoot (we don’t do this during wedding ceremonies) one of us can call for a challenge. Let’s say Bob does it. He will say “OK, Chad you have two minutes to produce a photo worthy of hanging on Kristin’s and Paul’s living room wall.” (You would think that would be enough but nooooooo) Bob also gets to pick what lens I use and anything else that he sees. for instance,. I once made him incorporate a Dumpster in a two-minute challenge.

Anyway, I don’t want to get too far off track. Let’s just say that the Two-Minute Challenge was right up Kristin and Paul’s alley. What really makes them successful is when our couples get excited about helping whichever one of us has been challenged. I swear both times during their shoot Kristin and Paul actually ran to the spot where the challenges were issued. It was awesome.
We had a ton of laughs. We can’t wait for the wedding!

Oh and just so you know the first couple of photos came from the Two-Minute Challenges.


Given our celebrity, incredible success and my (Chad) magazine cover good looks, it was probably only a matter of time before this happened I guess.

I mean can you name any other really really famous people who don’t have a bobblehead in their likeness? Didn’t think so.

So it’s with that that Bob and I are happy to announce an exclusive and limited edition run of Two Sticks bobbleheads. So exclusive is the production that right now it is limited at just two – one bobblehead of me and one bobblehead of Bob.  As demand increases we might consider increasing production, but honestly for collectors this is going to be like having a Babe Ruth rookie card. The value is only going to go up.

Ok, so none of that is actually true, well almost none of it. We DO  have bobbleheads of us, but not really because we are famous. Our reason is WAY better. We have them because they were a thank you gift from Michelle and Steve. We shot their wedding in early October and just love them. They are so much fun to be around and so in love with each other that it’s infectious. So first of all, a huge thank you guys – you are so sweet. We LOVE our bobbleheads!!!!!!

Next, it turns out bobbleheads are a pretty good time. I wanted to share some photos I took of them just so you could see how great they came out.


Always put the handsome on the left.6O4A82236O4A8225




Just hear me out. This will be awesome!




Is that a sombrero, senor Sanchuk?


That’s a lovely hat, Mr. Crockett


Um, when did you become an Afghan freedom fighter?


Is it Saturday night already?


Sadly, Bob did didn’t think so. In fact, he seemed so upset that his bobblehead was defaced with funny hats that he thought it might be time to start looking for another partner in Two Sticks.

I’m nothing if not a team player. Sure I was hurt by this news but thought if Bob was going to break up the business I could at least give him suggestions for who I thought might make a good partner.




As for me, it’s been hard adjusting to life away from Two Sticks but I’ve decided to branch out on my own and start my own studio. I haven’t decided on a name yet but I believe I have found a couple of partners.



Of course, Bob and I didn’t actually break up, but I’m definitely now rethinking my options. 😉