So a little while back I did some photos for friends Jon and Sarah. I wanted to mess around in the studio a little with some different ideas and Jon is always willing to offer up his kids as guinea pigs when it comes to photography. I loved how the photos of Sam, their son, turned out. The idea was that if they liked the photos of Sam maybe we could do shots of all of the kids. Well, that’s what we did. The are a few things I love about this — from the photos to how we planned it out.

Let’s start with the planning because there is an important thing that often gets overlooked when going to a studio to have photos done. Ask yourself, what am I going to do with the photos? It’s great to have them, but you really need an idea of what you want in a finished photo. We talk to clients about this all the time.

That’s where Jon and Sarah come in. They think of photos as artwork to be displayed. Few people would buy a large painting without knowing where in their home they want it to hang. It’s the same with photos. If you are going to invest in photography, let’s work together and get a plan going of where things are going to be in your home. What kind of space do you have? What are the colors of the room? Will black and white work better or is color the best choice? We always recommend snapping a few photos with your phone and sending them to us so we can help in the process.

In Jon and Sarah’s case, we decided that individual shots of each kid, photographed and edited in the same style would work best. We will probably do canvas prints, each at least 30 inches wide and stacked on top of each other. We are still looking at black and white or color. The wall where they will hang is neutral so either will work. All of these little decisions can pay big dividends in the end so our clients and Bob and I have a good understanding of what we want the finished pieces to look like.

So here are the edited images from the shoot. We love how they came out and think once they are on the wall, Jon and Sarah will have really nice images of their children that they can enjoy for years.




The studio can be an interesting place to shoot. In fact, a lot of times it’s my favorite place to shoot. In a day where most photographers prefer outdoor on location shoots, the poor old studio gets a bad rap. I’ve talked to a lot of photogs who even bristle at the idea of a studio. Too much expense; why do I need a studio for stuff I can do outside; visions of Sears portraits, etc…

But Bob and I look at it a little differently. To us it’s like a creative lab. Think about it. I have complete control over everything creatively, especially the light. For anyone who has ever taken a photo outside and worried about clouds, sun, wind  … you know what I mean. The studio  can be a completely inspiring place to work! In fact, tomorrow, I have a friend coming to the studio for some shots of his kids. His last text to me said, “I want you to do whatever you want creatively. I just want great stuff to hang on my walls.” Oh my God, I’m exited about that!

But even with all of the control the studio brings, it can bring some organized chaos, too. Just last week one of our friends brought her children down for some portraits. This is the second time they have visited for some portraits and both times it has been spectacular. In fact, I don’t think I have posed her kids for a shot yet. Their instructions when they get in the studio, turn the music up and dance. That’s it. Just dance. How cool is that! The kids love to dance so why not shoot them getting down to a little disco. Yes, that was their choice! I love the studio for exactly that reason. While some people will tell you there are rules for studio photography, I think rules suck. I think they are made to be broken. The studio should be a place for some laughs, some cool, light and some photos that you might not expect. Above all else, photos, no matter where they are taken should surprise, inspire and capture the people you are shooting. Besides, who wouldn’t rather dance, right!


It’s not that we’re trying to get out of the wedding photo business. Just the opposite in fact. The more the better! But if I had to get into another line of  work it could be pet photography. Can you even specialize in that? I have no idea, but if there is a market for it, I’m in. Bob and I just finished Puppy Love Part II in the studio and what an amazing time it was getting to meet new people and their pups. There was Maisey and Riley and Jazzy. Heck, they are some of the best models around. Dangle a treat in front of them and poof – a great photo. OK, well maybe it’s not that simple, but it is a lot of fun watching when a pup’s ears go forward and their eyes light up and you grab that shot. Let’s face it, we all love our pets so why not have some great photos of them. I know in my house they are sometimes treated better than the humans.

So a big thank you to everyone who visited our studio and made contributions to One Life to Live Pet Rescue and the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. Your participation did a lot of good and we had some laughs along the way too. Stay tuned, we are going to do a bunch of other specials at the studio this year so stop on down!

Bob and Chad


I’ve said it before and I will say it again – shooting in the winter rocks. Having a chance to take photos for Lauren and Alex is even better! I understand all of the votes for spring, summer and especially fall, but winter is getting the short end of the stick here. Yeah, there’s the whole it’s cold and wet. I understand cold feet aren’t a whole lot of fun. The wind turning your nose red isn’t exactly a blast. But the photos. OMG, the photos. I love the look of wedding and engagement photos in the snow.

I was so excited when Lauren and Alex were all for doing their photos at their property and out in the snow. Because they are having their wedding at their home we also had a chance to see an unbelievably nice property before the wedding. I really love how the photos turned out. First, these guys are so laid back and up for anything that it made our job really easy. In fact, they put up with so much of our shenanigans that I even invited them to drill me with a few snowballs near the end of the shoot while I captured a few final photos. Great shot, Lauren. Alex, I appreciate you missing high and wide, my friend!

We’re also really excited about this wedding because we get to work with wedding planner extraordinaire Danielle Pasternak. Danielle has a great reputation and can be found at

Let’s get to some of the photos. Oh yeah, we’ll also be keeping track of Lauren and Alex’s journey on the social medias at #laurenandalex2015



Bob and I just wanted to take a second to thank some of our old friends and a few new friends for taking the time to bring their lovable pooches down to our studio to have some photos done. It was a great day. Some of the pups were a little more camera willing than others. Some just wanted to run around and play. Some wanted to jump. One was just content to sit there and wait out some treats in exchange for having to sit through a few photos.

They were all great! And it was for a couple of great causes. Part of the proceeds went to One Life to Live Pet Rescue and our friends also brought some blankets for The Griffin Pond Animal Shelter – two great organizations that can always use our help.

Now for some great news! It was so successful we are doing it again! On March 8, we are hosting Puppy Love II –  a second shoot to benefit the charities and get more pups into the studio for their moment under the lights. You can call us or message us on Facebook to book a time. We guarantee you’ll have a blast and walk away with some photos you will love. So give us a buzz and we’ll take care of the rest.