I thought long and hard what to write in this post. After all, this is a photo blog and words can just get in the way. But Bob and I wanted to share some photos of Niko. He is the newborn son of Ellie and Sean, friends whose wedding we shot a couple of years ago in Lancaster. It was a road trip wedding for us and an incredibly good time that saw us visit a brewery before going to a reception at the Cork Factory Hotel, one of the coolest places you will ever find. Just click on this link to see some of those photos.

When I sat down to write, still with really no idea what I wanted to say, it came to me. No matter what I say about what Bob and I do as we tell the stories of our couples and other people we meet it all comes down to one thing. We are in the family business and that’s a really remarkable job to be in. We are there at weddings when families are just starting and we are there as families grow and children are born. A lot of times we are there for the family portraits a few years down the road when generations get together for that photo they have been thinking about doing for so long. And that’s really an honor and something we are really thankful for.

So thank you to Ellie and Sean for adding another chapter to this incredible book of memories that we have. We cherish you and all of our clients who invite us to be a part of it. And welcome to the family, Niko.



I was standing on a bit of a hill at Shawnee Inn and Resort. It was behind two cottages where Sarah and Paul were staying and getting ready for their wedding at the Stroudsmoor Inn about 15 minutes away. I was out back looking for a place to knock out a few bridal party photos once the girls were done getting dressed. I could see the Delaware River below. I have no idea how wide it is but suffice it to say it’s a pretty big river. As I’m looking for my spot, I see two guys crossing the river. They are basically chest deep, sludging through the water. I thought, “Wow those guys are up for a bit of an adventure. That’s pretty cool. Dangerous, but cool.”

It turns out  one of those guys was Paul, the groom. I didn’t find out until after the ceremony when we were doing some photos, and I was relaying the story that I saw some guys crossing the river.

“Yeah, that was me. I went for a hike before getting dressed.”

I’ve said this before. I’ve seen a few crazy and cool things on wedding days, usually it’s at the reception when the drinks are flowing. This had to be the coolest thing I’d seen a groom do to relax before a ceremony.

Anyway, it was an amazing day with a giant group of friends who are so close to Sarah and Paul and took such joy in celebrating their wedding it was really an honor to be a part of it. It’s also the only wedding where I think the guys outnumbered the girls on the dance floor. That just doesn’t usually happen –  so nice work boys!

There are a ton of photos we love from the day so here are a few. Enjoy them, and as always, thanks for taking the time to look.








It was a few years ago that Bob had his “one good idea.” He claims there have been others, but I don’t remember them and when pressed neither can he. Although in fairness it might have been his suggestion that we each purchase black sneakers that we can wear on wedding days rather than dress shoes. That has been a gift from God.

But that’s getting off track. Bob came to me with the idea he called, “Clients for Life.” Here’s how it works. If you book Bob and I to shoot your wedding, you become “Clients for Life.” That means you can come back to us once a year forever for any type of photos, whether they are family portraits, pet portraits, whatever and we waive any session fee associated with the shoot.

My reaction, which Bob smartly ignored, was “Who the hell is gonna come back and see us?” Not one of my finer moments because as it turns out just about everyone comes back to see us for one reason or another. The most popular, not surprisingly, is when our couples start a family. They want some shots of the little one.  If I were to be honest, it might be the best idea we have ever implemented in our studio because he really cherish the friendships we build with our clients and it’s a total bonus to us as well because we get to see them again and catch up. So write this day down. “BOB, THIS WAS A BRILLIANT IDEA.”

OK before he gets too excited let’s move on to the reason for this post. we wanted to share some photos of Annette and Darren’s one-year-old, Peter. We did newborn photos of him and just finished yup doing his one-year photos. We love how they turned out and love even more watching him grow up. It’s just an amazing thing to watch our couples go from newlyweds to parents.

So enjoy the photos and know we enjoy taking them every bit as much as our clients enjoy seeing them.



It’s always nice to do photos for family. OK, the Scritchfield clan isn’t exactly family – like by blood – although they might as well be. We have done senior photos for them, baby photos for them and up until last week a wedding. Make that two weddings now. I think that’s the thing about this business. I’ve heard some business adages before about how to engender loyalty in your customers in all forms of business. It always sounds so contrived and silly and like a business ploy. Because the reality is in our business you get to know your clients really, really well. You share special and huge moments with them and you create memories. You get close and you care and love them and share in their happiness and sometimes in their sadness.

Nowhere in our years of doing this is that more apparent than with the Scritchfield family. They’re closer than friends and have been hugely supportive of Bob and I as we have grown our business, and that’s probably not something we tell them enough. I guess a lot of us never tell the people we care about the most how much they mean to us. Thank you, guys!

Before I get derailed too much you might be wondering about the second wedding. It is Emily and Jordan’s beautiful wedding at Elm Park United Methodist Church in Scranton. It was an amazing day, full of laughs and stories and love. Thank you for inviting us yet again to be a part of it.



When I first sat down with Nicole to talk about her wedding, she kind of offhandedly mentioned that her husband-to-be was a firefighter and it was possible there would be a firetruck at the reception, and if there was, could we do a few photos? Um, yeah! Honestly, I didn’t think a while lot about it until a few days before the wedding when we chatted again. It would be cool to have a firetruck to work with. It makes for a nice background and is definitely not something you get to work with every day.

But really, I didn’t expect a whole lot. I expected to grab a few shots  really quickly before they headed into the reception. And maybe that’s what would have happened until Nicole said, “I’m am SOOOOOOO getting in the bucket on that thing.” Again, OK, that will be fun, thinking the bucket would stay on the ground.

Then everything changed as she and her husband Curt hopped in the bucket and started going up and up and up. There were a lot of great memories from the day, but if I tried to tell you that was not the highlight I’d totally be lying. It was so friggin’ cool. Thanks to Nicole and Curt for inviting us to be a part of their day and for giving us some great memories.






It’s hard to say what I loved most about Carolyn and Ryan’s wedding. It could have been the staggeringly beautiful outdoor ceremony at Woodloch. It certainly might have been the first look they did behind the house where Ryan was getting ready and where the party continued late into the night. They were such great moments. But for me, it was probably the small stuff, like Ryan’s reaction when he first saw Carolyn or the really touching speech from Carolyn’s dad before dinner. It could have just been the closeness of the whole day that was filled with love from friends and family – many of whom we knew from Mia and Ryan’s wedding. We were just the lucky ones to be there to capture it – thanks Carolyn and Ryan! Oh yeah, it also helps when the whole day runs smoothly thanks to DPNAK!