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Amanda and Keith wedding at the Barn in Bloomsburg

Every so often you find a venue with a great story. Take the Barn at Boone’s Dam in Bloomsburg. It’s a family run business seemingly right on the fairgrounds for the Bloomsburg Fair. What a cool place. It’s tucked back in the corner of the property and has all kinds of great wood and stone textures, dozens of unique touches, and a really comfortable vibe. It also has a river right across the street. You see where I’m going here. Amanda and Keith – more on them later – had their reception there about a month after the massive flooding that crippled huge parts of NEPA. The Barn didn’t escape. There was water lapping halfway up the wall. Only through the effort of the family that owns the property has it returned to be the same great destination and “must have” spot for a bride and groom. Kudos to them for what must have been an unthinkable amount of work inĀ  bringing the place back.

As for Amanda and Keith, thanks to you guys for allowing us to be a part of your day. Amanda, you were a stunning bride! Keith, well, you’re the worst T-shirt shopper in history, but still a great guy to hang around with. If you want to hear that story you’ll have to ask Keith yourself. All I’m saying is the brand new T-shirt Keith was trying to put on wouldn’t fit a midget with an eating disorder. There are photos as proof but those as for Amanda’s eyes only. We’re trying to run a respectable blog here. Enough fashion talk, on to the pics.

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