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CHRISTMAS!!!!! | Scranton wedding photographers

Yep, I’m that guy. I’m that guy who goes to the attic after my daughter goes to sleep and stomps around trying to sound like nine reindeer. I’m the guy who jangles sleigh bell’s outside her room just as she’s dozing off. I’m the guy who still can’t really sleep on Christmas Eve because …  well … it’s Christmas. And sure enough I was the guy jumping up and down on her bed first thing in the morning telling her to get up because Santa came and it was time to get downstairs to check out what was under the tree. If you’re wondering who the child is in our house, he’s a six-foot tall bald guy wearing Rudolph pajama bottoms. I LOVE CHRITMAS!

I also usually take a ton of photos, but this year I kinda slipped. I just got wrapped up in taking it all in. Some photographer, I know.

In Bob’s house, he had the GoPro ready to go along with his camera. Lincoln made short work of the GoPro… see below!  There are also pictures of Bob’s kids from the past two days of gift opening at all the families’ houses. Oh yeah, as you’ll see in the one photo, Lincoln is already practicing to take over the business.

Anyway, here are some of the pics from our families.




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