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Details matter | Lancaster wedding photographers

I don’t envy couples about to get married. Yeah there are a lot of decisions about venue and food and band versus DJ and photography. ┬ásometimes I’m amazed there is ever even a wedding, given everything that has to get done.

Then there are couples that take it to a whole new level. I’m not talking about the super fancy high-end weddings. I’m talking about the attention to detail, literally and caring enough to make ┬ámake favors and build gifts for groomsmen and pull together a color scheme on their own. The list is limitless. I’m astonished by all the little touches. Enter Ellie and Sean. The number of things these two did to make their wedding unique and their own is almost beyond comprehension. I wish I had the energy and vision of the two of them. I could seriously go on and on about their wedding but instead I’m gonna let the pictures tell the story. It’s what I should be doing anyway. So take a look at some of the details of their wedding. Nothing was overlooked and every little thing mattered.




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