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Katy and Cisco wedding at the Radisson | Scranton wedding photographers

I have one rule. One. That’s it. Never, ever, ever touch the wedding cake. If at all possible don’t even goView full post »

Melissa and Will getting ready for wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

Somewhere laying around my house is a book that was really really popular like 20 years ago. It’s calledView full post »

Lauren and Mike country wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

A little healthy fear is a good thing right? I’ve heard that before. When it comes to wedding dresses, I have aView full post »

Denise and Chris Hillside Farms wedding | Wilkes-Barre wedding photographers

Well here’s a quick turnaround post for everyone. We shot a wedding over the weekend for friends Denise and ChrisView full post »

Shoot the dress | Scranton wedding photographers

I’ve mentioned this before that I think wedding photography might be the most demanding photography job there is.View full post »

Details matter | Lancaster wedding photographers

I don’t envy couples about to get married. Yeah there are a lot of decisions about venue and food and band versusView full post »

Jessica and Mark wedding | Scranton wedding photographers

I could totally get into farm life. If it were’t for all the hard work and being up before the sun, I’dView full post »

The magic of Christmas lights

Let’s talk about Christmas lights for a second shall we. As photographers, we love them. We can’t getView full post »

Details, details, details

When Bob and I shoot a wedding, we are always looking for a free 10 minutes before all the guests are arriving and theView full post »

Like what you see? Pin it

Every once in awhile, Bob and I like like to freshen up the site. Not long ago, we added the new intro – which byView full post »