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I’ll save you all the talking that normally goes with our blog posts. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a look back at where you have been and remember some good times. It’s certainly been a helluva year. Bob and I have a wedding tomorrow that officially kicks off wedding season for us, so why not throw up some of our favorite images from the past year. This is no way an inclusive list, rather a quick spin through our archives. Thank you to all of the beautiful and wonderful couples who have welcomed us into their homes and hearts. And, yes, thanks to a great and trusted partner in Bob. I think even a few of his images are in here. Lol!




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It’s almost impossible to believe that we are still catching up on some blog posts but here we are. Maybe this one will take you back to summer a little when Bob and I visited King’s College with Megan and J.C. for their shoot. What an amazing couple to spend the day with and so easy to work with. Surprisingly, J.C. is a great guy, even though he is a Patriot’s fan (Jets’ fan Bob made me write that.) Thanks to J.C., we even had some access inside the buildings where we could try a few different shots as well.

Now I should also mention there was a gorilla suit involved but I think that’s going to be for a different time and maybe deserves its own blog post. We’ll see. For now, we hope you enjoy these images, and we can’t wait for the wedding, which is coming up soon!


It was just a passing glance a couple of years ago, but I was hooked. She stood on a hill and was stunning. It was the first time I had seen Skytop Lodge in the Poconos, and I was in love. Rising over a massive property, the main building at Skytop is nothing short of majestic with its stone exterior and perfectly appointed interior.

A couple of years have passed since I first saw her. I know her a little better now thanks to Ashley and Wayne, and she has been everything I imagined. Bob and I recently visited the iconic Poconos resort for Ashley and Wayne’s wedding. We’re so grateful for  being invited and being introduced to their friends and families. We had so many laughs and built so many memories with them in just the day we spent with them. It won’t be a wedding either of us will forget for a long time.  A lot of times after a wedding I’ll try to think of what moment had an impact on me. They are emotional days and it’s impossible not to feel that.  In Ashley and Wayne’s case, it had the be the album. Wayne had built for her a beautiful album of photos and memories that he was trying and trying and trying to give to Ashley at the reception. It took awhile. What can you do, receptions can be a good time.

It was all worth it once Ashley saw the album, though.  As Wayne predicted, Ashley cried as she pored over the pages . It was such a sweet gesture and really showed how deeply in love Ashley and Wayne are. It’s a privilege to witness those moments.

As for Skytop, I’ll be seeing her again very soon.



I guess a bride and groom don’t both have to be Notre Dame fans. Who knew? I thought that’s how the laws were written, but it looks like Maura and Joe are breaking the rules. Just kidding guys, your wedding at Montdale Country Club was fantastic, and you “Married like Champions.”

Everything about Maura and Joe’s day was about fun. From the salon in the morning to the hilarious time we had doing the portraits, even though it was pretty friggin’ cold was all about having a good time and enjoying family and friends. Bob and I so enjoyed spending the day with you guys and meeting your family and friends. As for the Notre Dame stuff. Man, I don’t know, Joe. Just keep your head down, say a prayer and maybe let out a little “Go Irish.”


I’m starting to think every engagement session should be some kind of mix between walking around city streets and also through the woods. I just love the feel of the collection of images when they are done. I guess it’s not something that is always possible but when you are in a place like Philly for a full day, it’s absolutely the way to go. In the fall, we spent some time with Christa and John down in Philly – they live down there – walking around some parks and then hopping around the downtown. There is no better way to hang out in a city than by just walking around. I love that I’m cruising down the street and all of a sudden, “Hey, here’s Betsy Ross’ house.” or “Here is the oldest street in the city.” I’m a total geek that way.

Alright, so you probably didn’t come here to hear about the stuff I saw in Philly. So here is a collection of photos from Christa and John’s day. Holy cow, how do you not love these two? We had such a laid back and fun day with them. And Christa’s family has been so very very good to Bob and I. We absolutely can’t wait to see everyone again at the wedding!