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Slip, sliding away

Not too long ago, we introduced the idea of videos for high school seniors. They’re a mix of photos and video clips from their senior shoot. The response so far has been unbelievable. The latest – which you can see below – goes to a whole new level, primarily because it was done on ice. It was another senior shoot for a member of the Junior Penguins. I don’t want to say we are becoming the official photographers of the Junior Pens but if this keeps up … Seriously, these are a great bunch of people who are super dedicating to hockey. You would not believe the lengths the kids and parents go to to make sure they are at all of the practices and games.  The dedication is unreal.

Anyway, the latest video is of Jonathon. I met with his mom at the practice facility to show her the photos and videos. The reaction was so nice. Michele the mom and driver of the van (she’ll get that joke) loved the photos and videos and did the nicest thing. She kept calling parents and anyone else she could find to come over and watch the video. It’s just such a cool thing to watch people react to something like this and it makes you feel great when everyone has such great things to say. Plus, I always like picking up some new friends.

So here’s the video. Enjoy. We’ll probably have some wedding shots for you later in the week.

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